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I agree with Anthony and KHALED KHAN SHUVO above. Our poverty rate is not great in New Zealand either and in particular the building consent statistics are at an all time low, adding pressure to families, with regard to the employment of folks in those trades, and the rising rates to rent homes are causing overcrowding. These hands on tradespeople would want to be in work, but incomes are experiencing pay rates screwed down by Government appointed bodies. The folks making the money are the appointed companies & their top management staff. In Christchurch we have a crisis with rents rising and folks living in cars parked up everywhere. The Government has it's head in the sand. Corruption has to be eliminated... Ministry of Government has become involved in competing with Christchurch business and instead of the benefit going toward making more affordable housing it is going into the Government coffers. As in the Gibralta board companies were invited to submit tenders with their best price for the Earthquake work & to be the preferred supplier. How do we change such a culture? If it was a family we were talking about, we would say the people are modelling their Parents, therefore the parents are a bad example. We have an opportunity to design competition of an urban village on 1 hectare, a mixed model of social housing and normal housing which could educate & grow people to help themselves, with the principle of "teaching the man to fish" by example. The 1 hectare is probably very small, but the idea is that it can be replicated. As part of this an investor is required...Maybe the World bank? If so I would be interested to discuss this, as a sustainable development with Net Zero Energy building technologies, involving the people at grass roots so that they are learning as they go taking ownership for the environment.

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