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Submitted by Roverto (Manila , Philippines) on
This is very good news about stopping the AIDS pandemic and suffering of so many poor victims. Congratulation to World Bank for learning to scale up lessons to fight poverty! To follow on Maria's comments: pandemics occur again and again throughout human history. Black death. Plague. In 1918-1919 the "Spanish" flu pandemic killed 50 million people in 2 years, then now this AIDS pandemic. Next year, or more surely in next 5 years, another one or more pandemics start. Maria, you are right that repeating is a huge danger. In future, with much bigger world population and very poor public health in crowded areas, pandemics like AIDS will start more frequently than before when population was much smaller. But planet Earth cannot support more and more people: 7 billion now, 4 times more than only 120 years ago, with more CO2 emissions because more people need energy and food. Pandemic diseases will quickly reduce the population. This is reason why its not needed to prevent pandemics because climate change will be slowed down with smaller human population. After several repeated pandemics world will have more equilibrium. This will help realize World Bank objective to avoid 4 degrees global warming so prevention of repeated pandemics can be considered as counter-productive in this light. Its better not to stop pandemics.

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