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Submitted by Maria Suzuki on
Dr Kim, with all respect, the 3 lessons you highlight are certainly valuable, but.... We have the science and the resources to prevent the next AIDS. This would save millions of lives, much misery, damage to family, and tens of billions of dollars. We are spending huge amount of money on AIDS, with possibly no end in sight, money that could be spent on productive "last mile" investment to reduce poverty. Why is World Bank doing nothing to prevent the next AIDS? Maybe it's not true, but you do not mention any concern about the imperative of preventing future pandemics. Is it not the main lesson, that AIDS should have been prevented from becoming a local epidemic? The pandemic would not have deveoped. Imagine the savings in life, money and size of bureaucracies! Are World Bank health project staff reading British Lancet magazine this week about global pandemic threat from zoonosis? Is the World Bank investing in detection and efficient control of animal diseases? AIDS was first an animal diseases. This coul be the 2nd most important lesson. Government public health authorities had a Delivary Failure in letting AIDS spread in the first place, because they have long ignored the source of the problem and instead only focus on symptoms, too late. Will health authorties act sooner next time? Is there thinking at the World Bank on what it would take to do that? An ounce of prevention for the future, please.

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