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Submitted by dennis baker on
World Bank Pubs ‏@WBPubs RT @wbsustaindev: #Cities are leading the charge against climate change, but they need financing & support: #globaldev Infrastructure Financing ROI with Carbon Credits and reduced illness pay off fast ! In my opinion We need to replace the fossil fuel power plants, the primary source of GHG. Now! At a scale required to accomplish this task : Ethanol starves people : not a viable option. Fracking releases methane : not a viable option. Cellulose Bio Fuel Uses Food Land : not a viable option Solar uses food land : Not a viable option Wind is Intermittent : Not a viable option All Human and Agricultural Organic Waste can be converted to hydrogen, through exposure intense radiation! The Radioactive Materials exist now, and the Organic waste is renewable daily. Ending the practice of dumping sewage into our water sources. Air, Water, Food and Energy issues, receive significant positive impacts . Reducing illness / health care costs as well !

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