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This article struggles to justify why the World Bank should be engaged in conservation, rather than other UN bodies that would seem to have a far clearer mission. Possibly it is a theme that could be integrated into the Bank's work, but how high on the priority list for poverty alleviation (the Bank's main focus) is wildlife conservation, and a few levels deeper how high is it even for a custom's upgrading or law enforcement program? often the problem is not lack of legislation or training, but enforcement. The illegal trade in wildlife often happens in plain sight in the middle-income Asian countries that create the demand. Leave Bangkok's pristine conference halls and head to Jatujak market's animal section and you will see species you'd struggle to find in many of the rich world's zoos (caveat--I'm basing this only on a visit of zoos in Adelaide and Sydney, and being shocked by the creatures at JJ). Last time I went a peacock cost 3,000 baht, though I'm sure if I haggled it could have been 2,000. Most Bangkok locals know this and there's youtube videos on it, there's even a conference on it across town now. Is the Bank really best placed to tackle this issue? Anyway, an interesting read and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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