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Submitted by Kartik on
Its a different feeling which you get while working for people in need. Be it as small as a daily effort or something as big as World bank works. It gives immense displeasure to see living individuals of human origins in the utmost negligent conditions. I am a (un)fortunate resident of the same state and the nearby city, which is the state capital, where this video is taken. Living here tells me sometimes that some tasks are practically impossible, however, they wont take more than half a decade if worked with an approach to finish it. But that is where the grief lies. I wish I was living in a place where people would understand the pain and difficulty someone of their own species and origin is going through! Alas, I cant. The list goes on, but no one bothers. I would urge the funding agency, to keep a close watch on the progress and make it time bound.

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