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Submitted by Prashant Shah on

As an Indian citizen, I have witnessed numerous instances where lack of govt streamlined services like Healthcare, PDS etc are brazenly manipulated by middlemen agents, bureaucrats and even politicians. Aadhaar may well be a blessing to every Indian as many of the govt services will directly reach them. I remember an instance of watching a documentary on television where a group of Americans who were not getting proper treatment in the US went to Cuba and got treated there for Free. When they asked the doctor for his fees they were told It will be paid by the govt. The look of amazement and gratitude on the faces of those Americans is still clear to me to this day. I am sure one day even our citizens will feel the same way when important benefits and services reach them at crucial times. Thank u to Mr. Nilekani and everyone associated with Aadhaar. And more imp - Thank U God for everything.

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