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Submitted by Luis Verastegui on

I work on the Peruvian Tax Administration, called SUNAT. I am taking part of the Risk Management Project. This project aims to implement the Compliance Risk Management in SUNAT in order to increase the effectiveness of our actions and in consequence reduce the fiscal gap. The project is in the design phase and as part of this activity we are reviewing information related to the implementation of Compliance Risk Management in other tax administrations of the world, in that order we found very interesting and certainly useful for our purpose, the "Risk-Based Tax Audits" document. We haven’t known that was published as a result of the first TAXGIP. I consider it is very important that tax administrations improve the effectiveness of their actions on the basis of positive and negative experiences of other tax administrations. If my tax administration want to participate in this network of knowledge, ¿how can we participate in the following TAXGIP?. My congratulations for the blog, any advice you can give to the success of our mission is welcome.

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