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Submitted by Rabi Narayan Parhi on

Dear Sri Mulyani,
Kudos for bringing out the success story of economic progress and empowerment from the state of Bihar. The economic progress in terms of GDP growth in Bihar is remarkable at 13%. However the 13% growth has not reached to the all 55% rural poor living in abject poverty. Similar is the storey for India. Despite of economic progress, the results are that the malnutrition, morbidity and mortality have not significantly reduced. I think the biggest challenge that we face in poorer states of Bihar, Odisha etc and in India in general is the re distributive justice. The power over the resources increasingly are concentrated in the hands of very few and the benefits of progress accrues them instead of a collective. We are still caught up with a lot of social barriers of caste,poor education, poor health. Therefore the real challenge is to bring about inclusiveness by investing heavily on primary health, elementary education, rural infrastructure, agriculture etc.
Hope to have such inspiring stories in future
Thanks and regards,

Rabi Narayan Parhi

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