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Dear Bu Sri Mulyani,

I am a graduate student from the Nanyang Technological University who are taking the topic of Applied Economics .

I was born and raised in Sulawesi , my hometown in Palu , Central Sulawesi . Malnutrition cases in my area is quite large , about 27 % .

My sister is a nurse midwives who have recently graduated and are placed in the small area . Most cases of pregnancy until the baby is in the care taken care of by the local midwife , no doctor in charge .

As a mother who had a child , I was quite concerned to see the malnutrition cases in my area. I would like to suggest to the World Bank to make mothers and toddlers special projects that regardless of the PNPM Mandiri .

Directing doctors to become head of health centers in remote areas (PUSKEMAS) , the scale is much higher devotion , for example 5-10 years with a very high salary and will make the move to graduate doctors began to disperse to remote areas .

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