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Submitted by kanini2 on

Greed is a simple word yet powerful.
it runs in every raise, it runs in every country and continent
from wide and beautiful Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americans
Its agley its dark; I can name well known figures but they will call me mad, a black wowman saved from a tree.
In governments they are; and hold powerful jobs they don’t qualify and tax pays money they spend without a blink.
It comes with pride and power.
And the most powerful are its allies.
Its carried on by the vain and have time on their hands and that want to destroy the very essence of what’s human, honest and good because of their pride. They think they own the world and try their very best to prove it true.
The greedy one may have no founded reason to destroy but just a show of how he can and fills his evil vengeful self with a pat on his back.
He weaves a web of lies but you can not prove it. Its your word against him who has a web of those who support him. Stupid as he may he surrounds himself with cockroaches of his kind to punish the hard worker that may show his weakness’ even though not known to the innocent abused worker who tolls day and night for the little pay to keep his family afloat;
Alas for you one day you fall and if you don’t a deadly death through the almighty who watches over the weak and mild, and innocent.

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