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Dear Aleem,

We worked on a small pilot project using mobile phones to survey monthly beneficiaries who are part of a DFID funded extreme poverty livelihoods programme in Bangladesh. The pilot was a success and we eventually rolled it out on across the programme - a smart phone based monitoring system that surveys every month on a census level over 100,000 beneficiary households! More information can be found here:

The data we receive from the field is processed in real-time and the results of the data available on a visualisation dashboard. The really unique part is that the visualisation not only allows the user to see trends across the country, but has been designed as a MANAGEMENT tool - so you can identify outliers households who are 'failing' and then give targeted support. A so-called learning-by-doing approach.

Whilst not a perfect system, it is possible to go from a pilot to full scale in a short space of time!

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