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Submitted by Jonnie Sharp on

I agree that women will take the lead and must take the lead, but that is not an easy accomplishment. It is not about women falling in line with the current system and climbing the ladder that has been envisioned mostly by men (not to point blame, but it is just the way it has worked). The current global system is still driven by a "growth-at-all-cost" mindset and a glorification of competition and winning against others (whether in business, sports, war, etc). There are an enormous amount of positive solutions happening right now, from impact investing to triple bottom line companies, to the recognition that health care and access to clean air and clean water and clean food (no-GMO's, no Monsanto!) should be a basic human right (at least some are recognizing that). The difficult part is that in many countries women do not have the right to speak out or the capacity with all the other responsibilities.

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