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Submitted by Denis KASSA on

Dear Chairman of The World Bank

I am want to tell you the you are doing the best for the World,
like President Barack Obama, your friend, who was with you at
Harvard University.

You went to America at 5 years old, and now you are American.
President Barack Obama, who is the only one in the world,
Nobel Peace Prize, the firs year of his presidency, appointed
you as Chairman, because, he is man who want justice and peace.

Emegent countries wanted your job title, but from Bretton Woods in 1944, the Chairman is american. You are the firs one born asian, latin american or african.
It means that President Barack Obama is a man who want to ear people, who want the best for the world.

All people of the world need to listen to him.
Or, to try to know him, and not to criticize for all the time.

People of of the world, are now with a man doing well, et the world bank.

I wish the best for Annual Meetings, for all countries of the world(President Barack Obama's speech in Berlin june 2008)

Dear Chairman
Mr Kim,

I wish the best for you and your team.


Consultant Senior Manager
Expert in economy, finance and management
former Chief Financial Officer
former Editor in Chief and Chairman of a weekly newspaper
126, Av Clemeanceau
1070 Brussels, Belguim

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