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The Solace Corporation Pty Ltd was founded by Wayne Sampey is a Sustainable Management and Risk Professional, a Professor of Environment, Health and Safety and PhD in Biological Science with 38 years’ experience encompassing remote and challenging specialised industries, oil & gas, open pit and underground mining and heavy construction experience. He has an extensive track record in developing and implementing strategic risk and sustainable management methodologies structured to fulfil corporate and ascendant dynamics and functional management for whole of operations covering the key areas of corporate and operational risk, fiscal development and advancement and systematic progressive management. He has significant experience in establishing and directing open communications in encouraging confident apperception of commercial investment and effective implementation of multi-cultural societal appreciation developed through extensive experience in remote, politically and culturally diverse operations and locations. He has created and delivered significant Societal Economic Prosperity Initiatives to develop commercially sustainable trilateral prosperity presented to United Nations and World Bank supporting the Equator Principle.He has signific (The Equator Principle is the international credit risk management framework for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in project finance transactions). ant experience with and understanding of multi-national sociological, ecological, commercial and political requisites in Australia, UK, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, USA, Middle East, Africa, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The management approaches, both corporate and operational from project inception, design, exploration, development, construction and operations have always been delivered inclusive of all facets of Technical/Practical Management and investor satisfaction. He is a highly experienced developer and deliverer of Risk, Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Community, Education and Training Strategy and Sustainable Operational Management Solutions in a diverse range of industrial undertakings internationally with responsibility for ensuring that ventures advance as “most appropriate” enterprises. Solace Corporation has developed seamless integrations of critical/functional initiatives to meet corporate necessities and desires while delivering, business continuity and line operations to embrace the complete spectrum of management encompassing operational and stakeholder economic, behavioural, regulatory and societal outcomes.
Following 13 years of research and development, Dr. Sampey developed the first and currently only successful all-natural, economic, minimal-risk multiple-platform Simple Aquatic Bio-Reactor (SABR) process. An All-Natural Water and Soil Contamination Management System and the first multiple-platform microbiological manifold to solve water issues across all facets of the metaliferrous, salinity, organic and chemically influenced effluent stream. The SABR System is the first all-natural, economic, societally acceptable effective solution to Highly Acidic and Alkaline/Caustic Process Water management, re-use and environmental discharge, leading to the development of the SABR All Natural Economic De-Salination System. It is augmented by the Solace Agricultural and Rehabilitation Solution; Sol 6 and Sol 8, which are rapid soil wetting, surface management and growth advancement solutions that are all-natural and also leading dust and erosion management technology.

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