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Submitted by Mohsin Syed on

Every problem and challenge in this world finds a solution to get entangled into deeper problems. To solve this never ending circle of applied confusion, technology can be path-breaking to simplify complicated grass-roots issues. Technology has propelled many man-made marvels of wonder to every orbit that is out there and if it has not, it surely will in the coming decade. The same technology needs more caring hearts to apply their minds and use the Big T's potential to de-couple social issues from political games and bring its raw edge to finesse healing and redressal. As a technology proponent blessed with avid experience in bringing technology solutions to grass-roots and empirical community development initiatives, I look forward to an hearing where I could collaborate with the best of the social policy evangelists and work on programs with a T-transformation outlook. Human relations are the key, technology is a vital tool. Let's engage the right tools to build enduing relationships. My LinkedIn Porfile:

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