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Submitted by Robert on

Dear Aleem,

thanks for the great post!
I agree with your stements in quadrants. But how will you set up the budget in your project if you only describe what you want to do but not how?
It would be great if we could focus only on the effects of an intervention but as long as you work with tax money the supreme audit institution of the respective donor country will have its say.
I believe we shouldn´t really worry about activities. We should be measured against achievements. But I would like to see the face of a federal auditor if he sees the following budget:

1. Personal Cost: 5.000.000
2. Awareness raised: 2.000.000
3. Change in behaviour: 4.000.000
4. Change in Law: 500.000
5. Improved Livelihood: 2.000.000
6. Contingency: 500.000

I´m exagerating. But do you get my point?

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