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This is a great admission. Although Ottmar Edenhofer admitted in an interview a couple of years ago this is not about the environment but economic redistribution it was not shared widely so kept within a very small group of those interested. But this article says it loud and clear. Give us your money and we'll stop your house from burning down.

Who said the Mafia are only in Italy? That's the purest protection racket besides pay me a fiver and I'll look after your parked car. I will be sharing this page far and wide on my fraud sites, written to expose the level and scope of fraud across world governments and this has saved me trying for years to convince trusting people yes, the governments really want your money, it's only a really, really good excuse to make you offer them as much as they want and even more. Any remaining gaps and doubts around the genuine aims of the climate movement should now be gone, as you have now made it 100% clear you want our money and you can save the planet if we just give, give, give. We'll never know if it worked as the 2C point isn't expected to be anywhere before 2100 so it's a double shuffle to make any accountability totally impossible. Yes, of course we looked after your car/house/business, it's still there and hasn't burnt down.

I accept you are top of the pyramid and as such unable to be scrutinised and policed by anyone above you, but by exposing yourselves as only after people's money as 'insurance' many will realise that is your only interest and agenda, and will vote with their own new awareness and gradually inch out parties who promote this way of destroying our economies and standards of living. Thanks again for this article, no third party could ever have written anything exposing exactly how you operate as well as you have yourselves.

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