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Submitted by Lucía Castro on

From my point of view, the fact that only women participate actively in the gender activities is that they (the activities) are organised only taking into account the goal, which is the generate and promote the women rights, but not the target group. People (women and men) generally think that this sort of activities are only addressed to women as we are the sufferers of the gender injustices. However, it is a must to change that way of thinking. Men should be involved in gender activities. Men' ideas and overviews are also important, as they belong to the society where we have to live and interact. The analysis of the situation must be done from the most diverse actors and factors: women and men, rich and poor, young and elder, educated or uneducated, etc. So, Men should be DIRECTLY INVITED to comment, to participate, to critic,...They must feel that their opinions also are taken into account and that women do not want to attack them. E.g. A female staff do not want to reduce the salary of her male colleague when she is claiming a raising; she only wants to be at the same level of her male colleague and have the same opportunities than her colleague. Men should be aware of that and, to get it, men should be more acctive in our activities. Let's organise our activities also focusing on this aspect. Let's open the doors to men. Let's men help us. The gender equality means inclusion not exclusion. Let's give each party its role in a equal and inclusive environment.

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