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Submitted by Schlomo Wahl on

It is very sad and increasingly alarming to see young people taking up a personal crusade of 'fighting climate change' as a vehicle to define her purpose in life.
It would be harmless and one could shrug their shoulders were it not for the fact that this insidious movement has gathered so much momentum and is beginning to cause harm to society.

This Global warming/Climate change new religion is inflicting on the world an ever grimmer policy of energy starvation through their push for outrageously inefficient windmills and solar panels which don't supply any energy when needed. This does not merely inconvenience the prosperous living in the first world, but condemns hundreds of millions of the very poorest to poverty forever, for the want of light and heat - things we have taken for granted thanks to the bounty of fossil fuels.

Even more alarmingly, every claim to justify the Global Warming agenda, if examined even perfunctorily, is the exact opposite of what is claimed.
Exact opposite.
From Al Gore's polar bears facing extinction to his climbing on a cherry picker to add drama to his gigantic and fraudulent graph purporting to show that Co2 drives temperature increase.
Never mind that polar bear population has increased five-fold in the las fifty years and some colonies are so big that Alaskan and Canadian authorities have to cull them.
Never mind that his giant graph actually shows the inconvenient truth that the temperature increase leads the CO2 increase by hundreds of years.
That's right, the relationship is the exact opposite of what he has won an Oscar for.

Young activists, don't forget that global temperatures have not increased for nearly 18 years.
97% of climate models predicted that temperature should be 0.3 degrees higher due to us naughty humans.
Should we trust them to predict the weather in 100 years ? It certainly looks like the 3% were right.
Oh yeah, and if you have a look at the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) or NASA website you will discover that very inconveniently, the Antarctic ice has been increasing since satellite records began. Antarctic also contains 90% of all ice on the planet.
Maldives will never be swamped by rising seas because it is a coral atoll. Coral grows upwards towards the light as it requires.

Climate activists are a bunch of totalitarian bullies who in their zeal, are working to force the society to adopt oxymoronic, anti-prosperity, immoral policies that will shut down our economy and destroy our way of life.

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