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Submitted by amy metzger on

Grateful for celebs, scientists and people of faith for their commitment to altering the course of climate change but it's an all hands on deck effort that requires 7 billion +. Those who use the Bible as an excuse for climate change are taking the easy way out to avoid culpability. Christianity and taking care of our planet are not mutually exclusive. Nor is any care of the earth in conflict with any other religion. This film is emotional and incredibly frightening but must be viewed to truly understand what we are facing. Let's use common sense as we go about our daily lives. Reducing our possessions, reducing deforestation, re-forestation, carpooling, using public transport, biking, walking, urban gardening, demanding less reliance on fossil fuels will make a difference. Our future planet will not be hospitable to our children if we don't change course. Climate change affects everything ... agriculture therefore food availability, air quality, water quality and availability...and more. #takeresponsibility #climatechange #ourchildrendeserveit #restoreourplanet #christianity #yearsoflivingdangerously #wecandothis #itsnothatdifficult #dontunderestimatethepowerofone #theoppositeofpovertyisenough #climatechangeisanationalsecurityissue #thestoryofstuff. - a Christian committed to changing this world

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