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Submitted by Harimao on

Dear Ana,

You really have hit the nail on the head in inequality of children in terms of sanitation. I wonder if the World Bank can provide an emergency assistance to provide a bore-hole digger and a prefabricated toilet to cover the septic hole. As you may know, the digger can make dozens of septic holes in a day to quickly provide toilets for the poor in rural areas where groundwater level is low enough to avoid any contamination. Instead of waiting for constructing large sanitation networks to be built using millions of dollars, people would like to have an immediate solution to stop open defecation in rural areas in developing countries. In India, women are now refusing to marry men who do not have a toilet in their homes. This would be a strong incentive for the poor to have a toilet in their homes. I believe that the World Bank can help all the poor in the world to have a simple toilet within a few years.



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