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Submitted by Sabaruddin Siregar,CA on

I agree with you Ms. Sri Mulyani, and Indonesia continued to push the Tax Reform in the spirit of Asean Economic Community (AEC). Moreover, could increase as much as 20% WP. Indonesia now requires more WP new taxes, how do you view the latest to pass the tax reform in Indonesia after you held the position of managing director of the World Bank. Papers to Panama, it seems we must caution (prudence) as there are rumors it blow up by GS and his gang. It should be noted in case of speculative attacks struck the countries affected directly by panama papers. If this happens, it is wrong but should be anticipated should not serve as a murky pond, so they can make like the proverbial Indonesia, fishing in the pond keruh.-

Sabaruddin Siregar,CA
CEO of Jassmh dan Partner

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