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Submitted by Angapat raghu Menn on

In the Latin America Poverty is there,it is to solve in the different phases of development should take initiative such like SM enterepreners and PPP mode. The development banks should take initiative to finance Infrastructure developments in the countries which they need for economic developments in latin American countries. Latin America is much needed World Banks support to give economic development such as Medium small enterpreners to finance through development Banks in the countries. To finance Private sector will boost the economy and the Job creation in the poorer countries. The esey way to get the boost for the developments should take PPP mode. Sustainable growth should become a grate way to open developments in latin america to elimnate poverty with in the time of Ten to Fifteen years. In Colombia and Mexico are the most effected countries in the region for the poorer people are living. In Mexico the Mafia war loads are condroling the economics in the countries. Hope by 2030 the poverty will eliminate in Latin America.

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