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Submitted by Nancy Avila on

Thank you for the interesting perspective, particularly the perspective about the future employment.
While that may be true that 65% of primary students today will work in jobs, or fields that do not exist, creativity and the fundamental cored knowledge such as STEM are (still) the keys to managing and, or, unlocking tomorrow knowledge, job skills, and employment opportunities. From my perspective, our world is a dynamic environment. Proactive innovation wisdom is an effective way to guide a country with her quest to prep for Human Capital to compete at the global level. In other words, it is a pro-active approach that will matter; that will offer time to market delivery (Human Capital).
Frankly, attacking the goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity involving a lot more factors than just addressing the educational piece of the contributing factors. Equally important to knowledge, skill sets that people should possess, a logical and sound mind is the additional importance. Clearly, as a "collected" one, we can try to change, to make the difference, the unfortunate facts remain, not all things are created equal ie, geographical conditions, natural resources, people's mindset, etc. So, the thought that we can bridge the gap, making the global market system work for everyone by investing the right resources in the people, with the sense of urgency to the relevant crisis requires will remain to be seen in an extremely distant future :(

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