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Submitted by Dr. Sheldon Hansen on

We can turn the ocean into a usable resource without over harvesting the fish using applied Science. It all comes down to supply and logistics of the common fish stock in this case. Education of keeping the World Ocean's Clean from Plastics and Trash is also another key to Climate Recovery. Collections of Shorelines can be turned into Biomass / Solids for Power Generation and Sea Water Desalination. Better ECO study in each sector of the Seas such as PH Levels etc must also be taken into consideration and accountability to keep the Ocean Acid Free. Bottomline we all need to take better care of this Planet and it starts with every footprint we place on this Planet. We only have one Planet and it's time to clean it up for it will support human life if we all do our best. There is economic benefits in the Ocean's but there is also a balance that we as humans must respect and maintain. Blue to Green should always be our motto.

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