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Submitted by Augusto Herrmann on

It is very important that this initiative is calling for ideas for a digital ID while also taking into consideration the protection of the privacy of citizens.

Some countries are implementing official Digital IDs for their citizens based on apps that are installed on the smartphone. I see that as a worrying trend. That could become a very hazardous window for total government surveillance on the lives of every citizen. There are other means to do digital ID without having to install an app. On the other hand, if the digital identity is really to be based on a smartphone app, it should at least be open source and allow people to compile their own application and therefore audit it for bugs (both in the surveillance and software engineering senses).

A project that I consider to be a good practice in providing a digital identity while also respecting the user's privacy is the Mozilla Persona project. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2016 after failing to gain traction.

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