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While conducting employment promotion for the Poor in Mongolia, Vietman, Laos, Thailand, Phillippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, I asked the poverty stricken parents what they WANTED MOST in life. They all replied, "WE WANT A BETTER LIFE FOR OUR CHILDREN THAN THE LIFE IN POVERTY WE FACE DAILY ". When asked how that could best be achieved, they all replied, "WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE ACCESS TO EDUCATION". (In almost all cases their children did not attend school because they had to work to help support their family) I was shocked at the UNIFROMITY of this response in all 8 countries, and conluded that it is a TRUE UNIVERSAL HUMAN DESIRE!!! So why don't we divert some of the 17% of National Budgets devoted to funding the MILITARY, who teach our children HOW TO KILL, and use it to supply a full educaition to all the WORLD'S UNEDUCATED CHILDREN? HIGHER EDUCATION has been proven to be the most effective tool to promote PEACEFUL GLOBALIZATION because it produces TOLERANCE of differing cultures, political systems, economic systems, languages and religions. Hence, education is ESSENTIAL if we do not want our own children to suffer and die in the THIRD WORLD WAR. Do you agree? Jan B. Orsini

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