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I'm a 25 year technology executive of the financial services industry ... and for those who don't think technology is the answer should have been around when early in my career India was third world country who nobody thought would become the powerhouse that it is today This past year, rather then offering cash contributions through third party charities, I invested my time/money and visited Malawi in Africa in an effort to help drive a new program to integrate business/development efforts in that region of the world. The questions you raised are great especially considering the fact that that experienced IT and business leaders have seen many waves of energetic/creative newcomers challenge the experienced establishment with client servers (the mainframe is dead), web storefronts (no more brick/mortar) ... BUT, what about the developing world who are quickly becoming connected ... after spending time in Africa and watching what they do with rudimentary cell phone technology ... This article prompted me to share a very interesting piece that perhaps sheds light on an acceleration of the trickle-up effect This article raises the questions as to whether or not we are facing a generation of energetic/creative newcomers (Millinniels) who are the embodiment of incredible advances in digital components and personal computing? If you belief in this developing world scenario ... it's not a far stretch to see the culmination of thirty years of emerging consumer markets experimenting with technologies may very well play out in the developing world? Think about it Globalization ... our kids are using VOIP technologies on XBox and PlayStation's to play computer games with opponents around the world ... including part of Africa where bandwidth is achievable Virtualization ... there is enough evidence to suggest there are efficiencies to using social media in a more transparent workflow of information ... remember the developing world has no idea about ERP systems, and they may be the very resources to power crowd sourcing capabilities Cloud Computing ... we could leverage microblogging and online communities riding the cloud to drive sales operations, yet we continue to force our sales organizations to enter opportunities in CRM solution with predefined organizational hierarchies Bottom line, we could be on the verge of accelerating innovation, if only the professional development organizations will see the potential

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