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There is way too much talking in this world and too little doing. That's why I conceived and launched - a radically simple web-meets-world platform designed to turn good intentions into action, one microaction at a time. We tap into two powerful dynamics in the marketplace today - crowdsourcing and the power of small increments - to actually make stuff happen. We have microfinance with Kiva; microblogging with Twitter; taking that to the next level, is microactions. We're only 7 months old in beta but have already had an extraordinarily positive response from all around the world. I've just returned from South Africa, one of a number of countries where people have reached out to say we'd love to help make IfWeRanTheWorld happen on the ground here (we're not just a crowdsourced platform, we're a crowdsourced venture). Jim, I'd love to talk to you about how IfWeRanTheWorld could help World Bank with its goals - please email me at Cindy Gallop Founder & CEO

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