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Submitted by Musoke kibuuka on
This is one of the major challenges of our century, the scarcity amidst plenty.If Employment is one of the drivers out of poverty , with exceeding potential of opportunities that are untapped, one wonders where the missing link actually is. Education has for generations focused on labour replacement, right from the colonial times when the administrative manpower for many african economies was passed on to africans. Over the generations the african education system has continued to focus on generating job seekers rather than creators. The result is a generation of people who are overschooled but uneducated.Overskewed skills chasing after very few jobs. Reversing this trend requires a multi-pronged approach. focusing on the elements earlier identified may help to address the future , what about the current ,how do we care for those still in schools , what about those out of schooling age, how can we create an alternative path to employment(i.e. self employment), how can we align the poverty reduction strategies to sustained employment generation. If the strikes that resulted from last years food crisis in many african states is someting to go by, we risk to loose the macroeconomic fundamentals developed due to strikes and unrest. The Good news is that the problem has attained global representation as a social concern, the world need to look at youth unemployment with the exact magnitude as the HIV/AIDS challenge if we are to safeguard our future.

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