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Submitted by Jack Titsworth on
I've prepared the table below after googling around the internet. It sets out conviction rates for corruption cases in various countries. I should underscore though that, although these data do portray results, one is not necessarily comparing apples with apples; they represent the performance of the entire law-enforcement chain in each country, thus there is variation in constitutions and corruption-related legislation (including which crimes are categorised as corruption) as well as the independence and capacity of the investigating agencies, prosecuting agencies and courts that deal with corruption cases. When one looks at longitudinal data in those countries for which I could find them, one also sees significant variations in performance at different points in time, even from year-to-year. As colleague Rick Messick commented: “This kind of data can be very useful for time-series analyses, but there are so many variables that affect the conviction rate that cross-national comparisons are virtually impossible. In the Philippines, for example, prosecutors must bring to court any case they receive no matter how flimsy the evidence. In other countries, prosecutors sometimes dismiss any case they are not 100% sure they can win in order to maintain a perfect conviction rate). Anyway, this table might be useful to the various people who working on anti-corruption; should it be useful to do so, I could update/expand it if others send me their data. Corruption Cases Ratio of convictions to prosecution for various countries Country Period Convictions as % of Prosecutions Botswana Late 1990s 84 Botswana Currently & recently Above 70 Hong Kong 2009 - 2010 91.5 India (federal only) 2009 64 Indonesia 2010 and recent years 100 Malaysia 1979 - 2010 28.7 Mauritius Prior to June 2006 100 (1 case) Mauritius After June 2006 55 Nepal 2002 - 2005 86.7 New Zealand 2002 100 Philippines 2001 6 Philippines 2003 19 (after new Ombudsman appointed) South Africa 1999 - 2004 93 Tanzania 1995 – April 2010 6.8 (average) (high of 19 in 1999) (low of 0 in 2001) United Kingdom 2007 - 2008 68 United Kingdom 2009 - 2010 91 United States 2009 88 (federal only) Zambia 1966 - 2000 41 (average) (high of 80 in 1997) (low of 24 in 2000)

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