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The ICHA initiative is very timely. While the OECD Antibribery Convention lays a good foundation for such a fight, I am afraid to say that most countries in the South are paying just leap service to the fight. The ratification of UNCAC, the OECD and other regional instruments and initiatives in themselves will not lead to a good fight on corruption. In the South where corruption is institutionalized, politicians ratify conventions, establish commissions and start anticorruption strategies without any political will to fight corruption. In most of these countries, corruption is not yet perveived as a problem. Rather, it is an opportunity, both in the private and public sectors. Hence, to tackle bribery, the world's clean countries should help countries of the South to invest in strong and democratic institutions;investing in the civil society in this respect can be very instrumental. The real foundation for a veritable fight against corruption is building democratic institutions and culture.

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