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What’s most important to you in the fight against poverty? How do we create opportunities for everyone?   Who will create the greatest change? We may find similarities and differences in our responses to these questions when we reflect on our own interests, inspirations and commitments. But, what it all reveals is a very important shared purpose. 


As thousands of people across the globe attend the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings, YOU can help us highlight our diversity and a united view towards our vision for a better world.
From April 10-13 attendees in Washington DC are invited to answer questions using colorful strings. When plotted on a giant wall, it reveals an easy-to-read visualization of the ways to end poverty and create opportunities for all.

Be part of this by answering our digital questionnaire. Your responses will be transformed into the visual experience on site.

We will also ask for your contributions live on Instagram. Share this experience by using the hashtag #PathToEndPoverty.
And be sure to check the real-time results and daily time lapse video to get a clear picture of the common thread that connects us.



Pabsy Pabalan

Digital Engagement Officer and the Channel Manager of World Bank YouTube and Instagram

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April 10, 2019


Ogunfolaji Sunnie
April 10, 2019

Feed the world. People are hungry. Hungry people CANNOT think well. So you wanna end poverty? Feed the people.

David Fernando Valderrama Buitrago
April 10, 2019

" Once we acknowledge and treat every single child on this planet as the most valuable and sacred element of human evolution, then, and only then we will be able to see progress in our future! "
David Fernando Valderrama Buitrago

Ye Htut Win
April 11, 2019

What is so difficult

Chaideftos Chaideftos
April 11, 2019

First of all, the new worldwide ID card that will absorb all the other cards such as driving licence, passport, health card & etc (it will contains all the informations of the user such as the number of the RFID implant, genealogy tree, marital status, full name, birth date, birth place, nationality, adress, telephone numbers, education, fortune - assets, bank accounts, handprint from scan, fingerprints of hands - feet from scan, footprint from scan, iris details from scan, DNA from saliva - blood - hair, blood type, medical history, height & number of shoe after 25 years old, face scan & photo of every year, hair physical colour, criminal record, speech record & everything other that exists), it will have an RFID microchip (such as the bank cards) that will contain the unique number of each citizen of the world.
All the informations from the citizens of the world will stored into 5 supercomputers of the earth that will do not have connection to the internet except of one for safety reasons. They will use also blockchain, quantum cryptography or newer secret sophisticated cryptography technology (or a combination of all together).
The police - army departments (that will be the supervisors) & the RFID trackers - identifiers, they will connect with the supercomputer & with the RFID microchips of the ID cards & generally with the RFID microchips inside from Li-Fi system or from quantum telecommunications with new secret internet system instead of Wi-Fi system for safety reasons.
The people will have access to see their informations whenever they want inside from the new internet platform that we will create for them, but with not a chance to change them. Only when their informations need change, they will go to the police - army department to record the new ones in the system upon a request from them or upon a request from the police - army.
Because the functions of the central banks such as collection, redistribution & printing of money need human resources, time & expenses, we must absorb all the banks & create a Colossus that will be the World Bank as a bank for the whole world with a new generation secret bank operating system & with Li-Fi connection or with quantum telecommunications for safety.
When we will not have problems with the authorities, we must replace the ID cards, the driving licenses, the passports & all the other cards with the bank cards & to set all the transactions to become only inside from the bank cards & POS in order to track all the time, the moves of the citizens (location, transactions, etc) & to dissapear forever the problem of black money & the problem of tax evasion. The connection of the economic sector with the new secret telecommunications (quantum telecommunications) & with the new secret operating & internet system that will have the latest technology of mechanical learning - artificial intelligence - automation - etc for the safety of the analysis of the data from microchip implants - minds - transactions - telephones - ip's - search engines - social media & everything other that exist, it will give us the overview of the life (moves) of every citizen of the world & total control of everything.
In this case inside from the secret bank operating system of the supercomputers with the new secret internet system (in order to there are not hackers), with new secret (quantum) telecommunications, with mechanical learning, with artificial intelligence, with automation & etc, we can create algorithms for a simpler & efficient bank system after an agreement with employers to pay the employees of the world every 1st day of each month their monthly salary. If we want to end the poverty of the world, we can set one another algorithm that will pay a basic monthly income to the vulnerable people of the world in order to cover their living expenses.
Finally, for the protection of the people & for the disappearance of criminality, we must set everywhere the new economic lamps - lights from unbreakable mosque that will have the world's latest technology microscopic pc's (with new generation resolution camera of 360 degrees view, microphone, gps, secret operating system, rfid & rfid tracking system) in order to there is specific control of all the population.
P.S. The orphanages or the families of the newborns citizens will take their bank cards from the time that they will born in order to give them later to them in their adulthood.
An article by Chaideftos Chaideftos.

Asit Kumar
April 11, 2019

Ending poverty is not something that you throw the money and poverty gets vanishes. Something different with different approach and methods not only economical but also something out of box required...

Sikhumbuzo Ndebele
April 11, 2019

Dexterity Education through Sport and development of the talents and soft skills shall be the breadline for Africans.
We have marginally development of talent due to hastened chase of quick riches. If we inculcate a delayed sense of self gratification in our present leadership soon Africa shall turn a leaf. Insatiable chase of riches denies African of enjoying its resident wealth.

Ibim Ibiwari
April 11, 2019

How will you want to be empowered/contribute to end poverty?

P Uday Shankar
April 12, 2019

I used to be a bare-foot banker from 1980 and since 1998 I am in the area of Microfinance. I have been a big proponent of the market-driven Microfinance version that is functioning now in India. I have been a part of the Policy making committees and the national Microfinance Bill drafting committees. I feel that the Indian Market-driven Microfinance Model is the one that moved poverty from 22% in 2012 to near 5% now. The superintendency bank RBI recognised Microfinance and upgraded one MFI into a Universal Banker and 7 other MFIs as Small Banks. I feel strongly that provision of microfinance to poverty ridden families increased productivity in all rural sectors and paved way for elimination of poverty.

Kulbushan tiwari
April 12, 2019

In country, like india where population ratio in rural area is more than urban areas.. and one third of rural population (in which specially half of women population in rural areas ) nothing know about what's going on in the world right now,.. nothing know about new technologies which can improve their lifestyle and can also make their life more easier's very important and a need of hour that government and international agenies find the some best ways that ingage rural population and insure the vicious circle of poverty must be break in rural areas..i hope SDG 1 (No poverty) will must be achieved till 2030

Ejikeme Emenike
April 12, 2019

Making entrepreneurship a big course in schools starting from the nursery education, this is because many aren't good with science and creating but go in entrepreneurship, the basic entrepreneurship education would have to include how not to depend on the government.
For Nigeria we just need to change the Nigerian government

Isaiah sikazwe
April 12, 2019

Ending poverty is simple and possible if we all participate in developing our future. Human capital should be a priority .

Denise Edwards-Forde
April 12, 2019

We need to empower everyone so that each person realises that it is the cumulative effort of everyone that will make the difference. Change is not legislation. Change is action.

Mian RIZWAN ul Haq
April 12, 2019

Great step to address the most urgent problem of today in the contex of poverty especially the third world countries where the majotity of population suffer a lot due to poverty nd hunger nd live below the substance level. Thank you.

Mustapha Bashir Magashi
April 12, 2019

Quality Primary and Secondary school education with Transparency in Governance will create the path to end poverty

Caroline Chimbeza
April 12, 2019

For Zambia, there is needs to promote,support and invest more in Skills training smd Vocational Education to encourage self-employment.

Liwena Mushiba Beauty
April 12, 2019

Education is the greatest path to end poverty in my opinion. Reason being, when we look at other issues like climate change and other factors, it gets back to the drawing line to say once people are educated, they will know how to handle weather patterns and every other factors aligned as they are enlightened to apply knowledge to prevent any such causes that may arise.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Haluk Aykul
April 12, 2019

The focus question had to be a more than one choice since people might have more focusses
More people responded in french shows that the questionnaire might have been better promotedd in the whole world
And finally if there are so much thinkers the WB should concentrate on how to transform them into more doers in some way

Suleiman abdullahi hassan
April 12, 2019

I am a founder and CEO of agro plantation for climate change and food security org
In east africa esp somalia

Clifford kambili
April 12, 2019

If we can develop the sense and objectively follow the laws and policies set in our countries, change can come faster than tomorrow.

April 12, 2019

For sure the change comes with immediate access to high quality education for young people. That is the best radical jump out of poverty. Think about an emerging economy country with high tech, stem majors, masters and phd’s Like biomedical engineering, environmental engineering , etc working together doing research to solve problems in their own countries, creating new products and new jobs. Of course first it has to be a country where there’s respect for freedom and human rights.

Tony Aromo
April 12, 2019

Education is the key to poverty reduction.
Papua New Guinea

Babatunde Agunbiade
April 12, 2019

Eagerly awaiting this discussion.

Wesley Kipyego
April 12, 2019

Please add me I would like to be part of this project. Thank you

MD. Akhterujjaman khan
April 12, 2019

Education and health should be the focus sectors for implementing development.

Maverick Kaiser
April 12, 2019

We should take the responsibility to add value to whoever we find to be with. If it's our own children let make them better prepared for the future. If it is our neighbors let appreciates to live in harmony. Our employees should feel same values extended.
All this plays part in reducing poverty.

April 12, 2019

Always look around, see what's earns,support small firms.give another a job. give them permanent job to live a respected life. I can look around & suggest a 100 ways because that's what I think all day. I work free anywhere #PathToEndPoverty via @WorldBank

April 12, 2019


Gopi Srichandan
April 12, 2019

1. Land Reforms / ownerships, land consolidation (by cropping groups that manage all resources; water, physical & financial inputs, traditional wisdom, unbiased modern technologies etc.
2. We have to orient the soils through management of contour, moisture retaintion / storm water discharge, appropriation of crops (mostly permaculture / bioavailability of nutrients for all associated, produce with a scale to sell surplus at that gate).
3. In a market-led economy we can do a lot despite govt. & corporate.

Muhammad Zarar
April 13, 2019

Investment in Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation is actually investment in poverty eradication if streamlined with Globalization 4.0. Particularly its implementation is dearly needed in Africa & Asia Pacific to achieve the goal of zero hunger by 2030 of United Nations Global Compact.

Kanu Grateful Oluwadayo
April 13, 2019

One of the greatest resource available to humanity is MAN. I believe through proper human development and capacity building we can achieve the goal to end poverty in our world.
Poverty is first in the mind; train the mind, bettet the man.

Unique Silver Eke
April 13, 2019

To end poverty people need to be educated and trained in a skill of their choice. Then the requisite tools, machines or accessories needed be provided for them to kick start their businesses, it will definitely bring poverty to a halt.

Dr. James Oloyede
April 13, 2019

Poverty needs to be addressed. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening by the day. Only few rich people control the largest junk of the nation weath. More people are becoming poorer especially in developing countries and even in the so called affluent nation the reality is different from the perception. The flow of income does not correspond to efforts put in in labour. For instance, the middle class need to work harder several hundred times to earn what a CEO would earn. This is a gross injustice and inequities. More often one wonders whether a CEO works harder than an employee to earn that much. The imbalance in the flow of income makes few percentage of people accumulate so much and control the wealth of a nation by over concentrating assets in their hands.
Violence and crisis in our world are products of perceived and real inequities. To those engage in it it's their own way of forcing redistribution of income and wealth or making them unable to use the wealth amassed.
This inequities and unfairness are the major causes of unrest in our world and must be addressed for global peace to be achieved or sustained.

Asaduzzaman Fakir
April 13, 2019

To works in the fields of sustainable development, poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor including people with Disabilities in every nations, development activities through Social Development, capacity building training and awareness raising and to be focused on: Education Water and Sanitation, health & Nutrition at low income communities (LIC) in the Globe.
With kind regards
Asaduzzaman Fakir
Executive Director
CGS -Central Gonounnayan Sangstha
House #330/A/5,Tejgaon I/A,Dhaka 1215
Cell No 88-02-01910512207
Email :[email protected].

Shree Krishana Thapa
April 13, 2019

In my view, education is the most important part to fight against poverty. I have experienced myself and have seen in the rural community of Nepal the amazing changes in the lives of people who invested in the education.

Mweemba Halyoka
April 13, 2019

It's better to deal with climate change and its effects first because it has negative effects on both education and health systems of any country. Effects of climate change has affected the health of human beings and their livestock and at the same time it has affected the accessibility to schools and health centres. Alot of the infrastructure for both health and education facilities have damaged due to climate change.

Agnes chivuswa
April 13, 2019

Education will definitely eradicate poverty

Kaushal Mehta
April 13, 2019

Education is very important because than only people will understand other issues

Md.Jahor Ali
April 13, 2019

I'm interested working with

Nishi Kant
April 13, 2019


Thu Ta
April 13, 2019

I think education is the most important thing for the world if a person doesn't have education he or she does not know what is right and what is wrong. Therefore education and rule of law are the most important thing for the world

Refiloe Nkadimeng
April 13, 2019

I believe that education can end poverty. Delivering the right adaptable education can help in resolving most of the issues.

Refiloe Nkadimeng
April 13, 2019

#PathToEndPoverty start with education. When you have educated the people they will be able to take care of the health and climate.

Fernando Vélez
April 13, 2019

It is time to stop thinking only in profits everybody must think in improve the world by creating jobs in different areas to include as many people as possible.

Professor Michael Munkumba
April 13, 2019

It is a complex project to end poverty. Being a multi-headed monster, it requires a multi pronged attack. It is a question as to which of the attacks is more urgent. For my country Zambia, it is education. But not just education but a certain kind.

April 13, 2019

I am Ketema, from ethiopia, i have plan how to tackl poverty in developing cantry like ethiopia

Pier Gaastra
April 14, 2019

To end poverty there will be more need of micro-finance and global nationwide.

Claudia Araujo Luévanos
April 15, 2019

Creating partnership from grasaroots to enterprise, educating and working together, society, government and organizations.