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Will Martin is Research Manager, Agriculture and Rural Development, in the Development Research Group. He obtained his fir... Leer más »

William Byrd is currently serving in the World Bank’s Headquarters in Washington, DC as Economic Adviser in the Fragile and Conflict... Leer más »

William Magrath is a Lead Natural Resource Economist at the World Bank. Leer más »
Bill Reese was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of IYF in January 2005.  He first joined IYF in May 1998 as its Chief... Leer más »
William S. Reese is president and chief executive officer of the International Youth... Leer más »
Winnie Wang is a Transport Specialist working in the Transport and ICT Global Pactice in the World Bank Group based in Washington DC. She... Leer más »
The World Bank Mindset Team members include Victoria Levin (Economist, Social Protection & Labor Global Practice), Omar Arias (Lead... Leer más »