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For Conflict-Affected Countries, MDG Challenge 'Daunting'

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Over at the Bank's Conflict and Development blog, Nicholas Van Praag, Communications Manager for the 2011 World Development Report, shares his thoughts on the insidious impact of violence on development.

He writes:

"With more than 1.5 billion people living in conflict-affected countries, the challenge is daunting. There’s no chance of coming close to attaining the MDGs at the global level unless we move from bumper-sticker aspiration to policy action in fragile states."

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Submitted by J Pri Chen on
The existing practices of pumping billions to underdeveloped societeis have proven a very low efficiency, enriching a few pockets, especially of corrupted local influentials. It takes a new approach and perhaps a different economic model to reach the desired effect of the dear resources pumped in with the traditional methods.

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