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 Can Kevenk is a communications consultant with the World Bank Office of the Publisher.

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Can Selçuki is an Economist in the World Bank Ankara Office working in the Private and Financial Sector Development Unit. Prior to... Lire la suite » »
Caren Grown is an internationally recognized expert on gender issues in development. Prior to joining the Bank, she was Economist-In... Lire la suite » »
In his role as Regional Web Editor for the Latin America and Caribbean Region Carlos oversees several regional sites and writes web... Lire la suite » »
Originaire du Royaume-Uni, Caroline Anstey est entrée à la Banque mondiale en 1995. C’est en septembre 2011 qu’elle a été nommée... Lire la suite » »
Caroline Plante works with the World Bank’s Global Food and Agriculture Practice (GFADR) as a livestock specialist, promoting investments... Lire la suite » »
Caroline Rusten is a Senior Social Development Specialist in Social Accountability & DFGG Cluster in the Social Development... Lire la suite » »
Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi is a senior economist in the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia unit. She joined the World Bank in 2003,... Lire la suite » »
Chandrani Raysarkar is a consultant in the Education and Social Protection and Labor Global Practices in the Africa Region of the World... Lire la suite » »

Changyong Rhee assumed his current position as Director of the Asia and Pacific Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ... Lire la suite » »

Charles Feinstein is Director of the World Bank’s Energy and Extractives Global Practice. In this role he is responsible for the ope... Lire la suite » »

Charlotte V. McClain-Nhlapo is Global Disability Advisor in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (GP SURR) Global Practice of the... Lire la suite » »
Chris is a Lead Economist and Cluster Leader in the Agriculture Global Practice based in Hanoi, Vietnam. He joined the Bank in 2004 and... Lire la suite » »
Chris Vein is the Senior Manager of the World Bank's ICT unit. Lire la suite » »
In July 2011, Christine Lagarde became the 11th Managing Director of the IMF, and the first woman to hold that position. Lire la suite » »
Christine manages the World Bank Group's Web Program in External and Corporate Relations. Lire la suite » »
Christopher Neal is the Senior Communications Officer of the World Bank’s Sustainable Energy Department. Lire la suite » »

World Bank Sector Manager, Human Development

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Christopher Walsh joined the World Bank Group's water practice to communicate knowledge from staff water experts to the global public,... Lire la suite » »
Claudia Costin est de nationalité brésilienne et directrice principale du pôle Éducation du Groupe de la Banque mondiale... Lire la suite » »

Claudia manages online communications for the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice at the World Bank. She's a native ... Lire la suite » »

Dr. Claudia Sobrevila joined the World Bank in 1992.  Currently, she is the Program Manager for the Global Partnership on Wildlife... Lire la suite » »
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Clive Harris is the Practice Manager in the Public Private Partnerships Group of the World Bank Group.  The PPP Group advises on the... Lire la suite » »
Cristian Aedo is a Senior Education Economist in the Europe and Central Asia Human Development Sector, the World Bank. He has published... Lire la suite » »
Cristian Baeza is a former World Bank Director for Health Nutrition and Population. Lire la suite » »
Cristina Bodea is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University. Bodea joined the MSU... Lire la suite » »

Cyril Muller joined External and Corporate Relations as vice president in November 2011.

Previously, he was the direc... Lire la suite » »