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Ms. Kobakhidze is an External and Corporate Relations Assistant working for the World Bank in Georgia office. She is helping with the... Lire la suite » »

Ms. Manuelyan Atinc is a former Vice President for Human Development Network, which leads the organization’s work on healt... Lire la suite » »

Tariq Khokhar is a Data Scientist and the institution's Open Data Evangelist. His interests lie where technology, transparency, poverty... Lire la suite » »
Tawia Addo-Ashong has been program coordinator for the Global Road Safety Facility since 2010. She is an engineer orginally from Ghana... Lire la suite » »
Ted Chu was appointed chief economist of the International Finance Corporation in September 2014.  A business economist and... Lire la suite » »
Tigran Shmis is an Education Specialist in the World Bank’s Moscow office. He joined the Bank in 2007 as a Research Analyst for the... Lire la suite » »
Mr. Bostock has been at the World Bank since 2011 as Senior Fisheries and Oceans Specialist within the Lire la suite » »
Tim is an Open Data Specialist at the World Bank, where he supports ongoing efforts to expand and improve the Bank's portfolio of open... Lire la suite » »


Tim is a Forensic Accountant by training. He has been involved in corruption and ass... Lire la suite » »

Timothy Bouley is a global health and environmental specialist working within the World Bank to develop collaborative health and... Lire la suite » »
Tobias Baedeker is an Agriculture Economist in the World Bank's Agriculture Global Practice focusing on Climate-Smart Agriculture. Tobias... Lire la suite » »
Tom Perry works in Communications for Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. Prior to joining the World Bank, Tom worked... Lire la suite » »
Traci Johnson is a consultant in the World Bank’s Agriculture Global Practice (GFADR). Prior to joining the Agricultural Risk Management... Lire la suite » »
Tracy Hart est spécialiste senior de l’environnement au sein de la Région Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord (MENA). Auparavant, elle a... Lire la suite » »
Trevor Monroe is a Program Officer with the Innovation Labs in the Leadership, Learning and Innovation unit at the World Bank. Trevor... Lire la suite » »
Truman Packard is a Lead Economist and has worked in various operational positions at the World Bank since 1997. Trained as a labor... Lire la suite » »