#ItsPossible to End Poverty


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Ending poverty is within our reach. The percentage of people living in extreme poverty has more than halved since 1990, thanks to the sustained efforts of countless individuals, organizations and nations. 

Show us how #ItsPossible.

The right policies and programs are making a difference. Focus on early childhood initiatives, universal healthcare, access to electricity, clean water, and education are just some of the reasons millions of people live a better life today than they did yesterday.

Working toward this goal, delegations from more than 180 countries will come together soon for the IMF/World Bank Group Annual Meetings to share knowledge and make commitments that help get us closer to ending extreme poverty. And Oct. 17 -- “end poverty day” – is a day designated for worldwide solidarity around this challenge we all face together.

Has a big opportunity made an impact on your life? Share with #ItsPossible.

Join us by telling us about something you have done or seen in your community, through creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance that has contributed to the goals to end extreme poverty by 2030 and help reduce inequality across the world.
Take a photo or a video of what has worked and share it with us and with your networks using the hashtag - #ItsPossible. We’ll showcase your ideas during End Poverty Day and hope to learn more with each and every one of you as we try to rewrite history.
Now is our opportunity to make a difference. #ItsPossible.

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timothy. matembu
September 21, 2016

I think unless we deal with The challenges of climate change and goverance We can't solve africas development problems

timothy matembu
September 21, 2016

Do u know thAt I have a business and management consultancy but guys go into business without knowing the cost of production so I think african entreprenuers don't use knowlede but guess work

September 22, 2016

Yes its possible. More and more names need to be empowered to do this as this can have a direct impact on the people at the bottom of the ladder worldwide

K Sudeep kumar
September 22, 2016

World bank has to anchor Religious management which in principles integrated development - love - peace - respect apart from spritual management. Human process win win platforms not there are unable to encourage. Having a 35 yrs exp with strong passion to help farmers for sustainable - integrated development , citizens for affordable - nutritional - functional food - Govt to reduce burden on subsidies - unrest and rural - urban integrated development projects required. Since R&D going to minisize manpower , we need to develop technologies / processor to deploy more people and guide / lead good life. a number of refugees due to unrest - unemployment is there and increasing. Would like to anchor any good project team.

Zenebe Gezehagn
September 22, 2016

I have worked in poverty reduction program scince 2009 for six year. That is my effort puted in the reduction of poverty.

Vidyuth Sreenivasan
September 22, 2016

I run an enterprise called Tasara Textiles and Design Studio, where I design hand block printed saris. I began the enterprise with the idea of helping build livelihoods and enabling people use their skills. Along the way, I have learnt a lot from the craftspersons I work with. This is the story of Natarajan, a weaver that I work with.

September 22, 2016

We have to work together inoder to solve this issue I mean poverty.

September 22, 2016

1. Let government leaders have political will to serve people honestly. I.e positive mind setting towards the people.
2. Encourage use of "community driven development" approach in serving the people"
3. Best practices to encounter negative effects of climate change.
4. Stop wars..eg civil wars... The wars are killing the people of all ages of which are supposed to contribute to poverty alleviation activities.
5. The wars have some negative spillover effects to neighbouring states too.

Henk van Dalen
September 23, 2016

Poverty in Africa is greater than ever

September 23, 2016

IF bribery and corruption are rooted out it will not be difficult to end poverty. Bribery and corruption are very high among the politicians and big business. It is these two combined suck the money from the people and create poverty. So we have to tackle from the very top who have the power and the money.

bartholomew jr
September 24, 2016

1.assigning right duties to right people
2.identifying the talented ones among us and helping them to develop their talents
3.giving equal rights to every person without segregation and gender inequality
4.putting religion and tribalism aside
5.working with people of similar interests to achieve a particular purpose
6.mapping out strategies and ensuring those strategies are been followed

Irene Nyiva
September 24, 2016

Sure we can do it. Let all the projects you do put emphasis in community, civil societies and Women. Do a lot of Capacity development. Agriculture based projects will help us do it.

Deepal Maris Rodrigo
September 29, 2016

Give education to every single child for free

Deepanjan Kundu
September 25, 2016

In our locality we periodically contribute a little to a mutual corpus, which at the end of a quarter or half year, depending upon the upon the sum raised, is given to a randomly chosen ambitious poor fellow,for starting up a micro enterprise, like a small Street food stall and other similar things which does not require a hefty start-up capital. In return, all we expect out of that individual is a simple acknowledgement of gratitude.
In today's world and especially in a growing country like India, people are very quickly becoming namless and identity-less, lost in a sea of population, where every body is similar in some manner or the other. In this world every body craves an individual identity, but very few can manage to achieve that, by this initiative of ours we have so far helped, not many but only 8 individuals(5 women and 3 men); but every time any those 8, sees any of our locality members, irrespective of place and time, comes up and conveys his gratitude, which makes us stand-out and feel much more than our individual selves, this renders us an indentity that we too can and have made a difference, albeit not on a grand scale, but at least we have started, and many more localities have got inspired by this initiative of ours, and have followed suit.

I. Arslanoğlu
September 29, 2016

What is the way to sort poverty problem? Do you mean do much more agriculture and produce genetically deformed foods and than try to sort cancer problem out .. Full circle :)
I think the way to sort all the problems is just less production more effective consuming and equal distrubition
Simple lives

Abid Ali Ansari
October 10, 2016

Poverty means less opportunity to do better in any field. If we give social , economic and political opportunity to all people of the world then poverty end is possible .I work in field of regional geography . I find that regional description in socially , economically and politically is very common .Its solution is possible when we work together. Women workforce are very low in India we work for increase women participant . Skillfull education is other important aspect
for ending poverty.