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Jim Yong Kim: Targets Will Help Fight Against Poverty

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MADRID -- One thousand days. That's all we have left to meet the Millennium Development Goals, a series of commitments to improve the lives of families in the developing world. I was just in Madrid to attend the United Nations' Chief Executives Board -- the heads of the UN agencies -- and we talked about the importance of setting targets to spur urgent action. Watch the video blog below to learn more.


Submitted by Abu Reza on
World Bank/IDA have been operating over 60 years without tackling poverty in a sustainable way. Key to success is to ensure local elected bodies to have ownership of projects in the areas of health, education, water, small dams, rural roads etc. Concerned central Ministries as executing agencies have failed. Elected local bodies should be involved with the entire project cycle. There is lesson to be learnt from micro-credit operation, such as from the Grameen Bank. This would ensure accountability, effeciency, and, also importantly, will help develop leadership. Local level experience should be condition of entry into the national parliament.

Submitted by Dr. Dapo Sobomehin, Ph. D. on
I'm extremely excited about the thoughts of making efforts to eliminate poverty. There is too much poverty in the land. For group of men like Dr. Jim Yon Kim impresses me very much. We have some men somewhere thinking about how to decimate our world militarily. Their aims are to armed the deperate nations to death. They facilitae death at every level. But, Dr. Kim wants to feed the poor, supply them clean water and build schools. What an incredible credentials! I love you. My prayers for you and your staff. I'm there with you. Love is the answer. Your action represents love for humanity.

Submitted by Dr.Nur Addin. Phd on
i am impressed with the World bank initiative to eliminate poverty. for me, education is very important in order to help us out from poverty. in Malaysia, the dissident wanted to vanish the education funds without they realize not all malaysian came from wealth family. this is what i wanted to prevent. the dissidents must take into consideration about this matter. with the unsure economy, the large population and uncertain political condition, they must think twice about that...

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