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Introducing our new Sustainable Communities blog series

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Making sure that villages, cities, but also countries and societies at large can grow in a sustainable way will be key to achieving the World Bank’s twin goals of eliminating poverty and boosting shared prosperity. This new blog series on “Sustainable Communities” will provide a platform for our experts to explore the multiple aspects of sustainability – environmental, social, economic, and discuss what concrete solutions can be implemented to pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.


Submitted by hari bagindo pasariboe on

National Statistics Office of Indonesia (So called BPS or Badan Pusat Statistik)annually published Indicator of Sustainable Development since 2002 as an instrument to measure progress of national development.

Sustainable development are multi facet and multi dimension along with their complex interactions are hardly to comprehend. Understanding the inter-relation and the "caused and effect" of social, economics, environments and institution will give deeper understanding and insight to overcome future problems.

The momentum of sustainable development need to be supported with the best method applied, best man and best machine available.

warmest regard
Hari bagindo pasariboe

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