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Автор Alexander SAMARIN,

Dear Dr Kim,

I would like to try to make a modest contribution to ending extreme poverty. As an architect of complex systems, it is my understanding that the performance of governments is one of the main factors that critically affects the life and future of the poor people in the world.

One approach to the improvement of government performance is to implement e-government and e-governance, since experience has shown that governments are carrying out practically the same work and the majority of differences (in political structure, laws, etc.) can be accommodated easily. Thus it is feasible to create a reference e-government implementation 1 time and to deploy it (with national adjustments) 100+ times.

E-government can contribute to a reduction in corruption, increase in the level of democracy, facilitation of regional cooperation, creation of new digital industry sectors and thus improvement in the daily life of people. E-governance can improve both monitoring and control of democracy by including risk management that is easily understandable by stakeholders and politicians.

From my understanding, a practical way to realise this opportunity is published in the following concept papers:
1. “E-government reference model” (see );
2. “Regional platform for e-governments and e-governance” (see;
3. “Enterprise as a system of processes” (see ).

Taking into consideration the need for a global vision to realize such an initiative, I think that only the World Bank could lead the implementation of such a worldwide public good.

I hope you will find of interest the ideas presented in these papers. I would be happy to discuss them should you wish to explore them in greater detail.

Alexander SAMARIN

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