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Think Equal: Gender, jobs focus of Bank Annual Meetings

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The 2011 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings get under way next week with a full slate of discussions, webcasts and seminars planned around two issues critical to sustaining economic growth – gender and jobs.

In a world where women make up the majority of unpaid workers, and only 15% of landowners and one in five lawmakers are women, there’s a lot to talk about.

Bank President Robert Zoellick set the tone for the Sept. 23-25 meetings yesterday, with a speech on a world “Beyond Aid,” in which he addressed the need to eliminate gender inequality.

But there’s more ahead. Bank experts will add their voices on gender, jobs and development issues on this blog over the next ten days, and we’ll report on meetings sessions you may have missed. Many events will be webcast, so watch the Bank home page for a daily schedule.

A few highlights to watch for:

We’re also asking for your engagement to increase awareness on gender inequality. Learn about the Bank’s “Think Equal” campaign, launched this week.  Take our gender poll. Spread the word on social media. It’s time to increase women’s economic opportunity. 

It’s time to think EQUAL. 


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