A Trip to the Sahel Shows New Opportunities


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OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso — I arrived in the Sahel on a four-country trip thinking of the trouble in the region: drought, hunger, and conflict. I left impressed by the political leadership and the resolve of the people. To learn more, please watch this video blog.

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November 08, 2013

Action fouced on the hub of the society to pull-out millions of people out of poverty in the region, and will create an opportunity for growth and development.

Xu Yuanfang
March 10, 2014

Poor country food is not enough, the reason is not only production, but also poor people not money, and many times, farmers can not sale their products in suited price, and they can not get profit from farming, so they can not enlarg their sale of farming. one reason is they import cheap food from abroad, and more competitivenees.
I worked in FAO in Nigeria from 2004to 2012, and I am also a economist, checked rural area, farmers can not get profit from farming.
one reason is: this country sales cude oil and make their money strong, so their products price become high then before, they lost competation in the world market.
I hope can do some thing for it with my experience in Africa.

Xu Yuanfang
March 10, 2014

company may become the partnership with world bank, it is more effencec then Government. I wish my compay can become the one of the partner. My company is named Green Agriculture West Africa Ltd. We can supply rice and maize seeds to farmers, can train local farmers in agriculture, and food treat technology.
Thank you very much!