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Submitted by Paula Luz on

It is good to read that changes are actually being made. But see the example in Timor Leste (East Timor), the country where I currently live: Family Law changed, but costumary law and the traditions are so strongly implemented in timorese mentallity, that I can't imagine the day they will treat us equally.
I know that the World Bank has an office here maybe you can write about the timorese reality. I'm saying this because I am a Family and Inheritance Law Professor at the University and when discussing these subjects with my students they all say: Professor, that is all really nice, but you know what, that is not the reality in Timor Leste. People here don't have access to this information. Women in the districts (far from Dili, the capital) don't know their rights, they still think that the man controls and women (wife/daughters)are not heirs.
In any case, the Law is here and it's just a question of time to see it implemented.
Like you say in the end of your article: it takes a legal village! and never say never!

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