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In Afghanistan, Recognizing Success, and Challenges Ahead

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KABUL -- On my first trip to Afghanistan as World Bank Group president, I met with many of the country's senior leaders, including President Hamid Karzai,  as well as leaders in business and among women's groups. The challenges for Afghanistan, like many fragile or conflict-affected states, are huge, but it's critically important that we build on successes that we've achieved in the last decade. Learn more by watching the video.


Submitted by whelen on
I hope these changes continues, because its really like a dominoe. a struggle in another country affect the other. The success is also contagious.

Submitted by OpalCrow on
Markets create freedom! Bring in the economic development demanded by neighbors such as the near-east {China, Korea, Japan, Cambodia} and Middle-East {Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran} and watch freedom flourish.

Submitted by vishal srivastava on
Really world bank doing great work in these countries, create a great edifice , where all equality , education . social work , poverty like work is happening.

Submitted by Haroon Rashid on
The war on terror support contributed tremendous wealth to Afghanistan. A process of indigenisation and local production, conversion, processing, labeling is important for the country to be independent. In order to stop money laundering, industrial, trade infrastructure should be built and the domestic industry be protected with punitive duties by customs. Automobile, car, truck, buses manufacturing, paper mills, and other allied industries should be built in Afghanistan to export, to the region of SAARC the finished products of Afghanistan which certainly would provide support.

Submitted by Dr. Dapo Sobomehin, Ph. D. on
I want to take the oportunity to first thank our dear, beloved Dr. Jim Yong Kim for the great dream--great work he intends to do for the world through World Bank. What an incredible dream for his fellow human being. For any human being in this world that has been turned upside down in negative way to see beauty--opportunity and dreams big for his fellow human being is commendable to me. I appreciate what he intends to do-making sure every soul on earth has greater part of the blessing. The blessing bestowed upon us are not man-made. This is a special blessing from our Creator. The global village belongs to all of us--together. No single one of us should be sublect to oppression--to degradation. Not a single one of us should resort into a murderer, a terrorist-or a gang member. Thanks to you very much. I would be praying with you. I would join hands with you to achieve your goal of turning our world into a gold mines. It is a gold m ines. We got what we need to be the best we can. I love you my dear brother.

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