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Myanmar's Chance to Boost Prosperity, End Poverty

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YANGON, Myanmar — The government here has put forward ambitious plans to dramatically increase access to electricity and health care, especially in rural areas. Both are huge problems; some 70% of all people in Myanmar do not have access to electricity, and public health issues, including the spread of TB, need to be more effectively curtailed. What can we can do about these problems? Actually, quite a bit. Watch the video from the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.


Submitted by Derek Byerlee on

I would have liked to watch this video. However, I am currently in Myanmar where the Internet is super slow. The World Bank needs to use more appropriate media for its newsletter!

Submitted by Kimberly Smith on

I am an experienced chartered accountant in Melbourne, Australia. I am visiting Myanmar later this month. Are there any financial reporting training program's or resources available from the World Bank which would assist the preparers of financial reports in Myanmar?
Best wishes,
(Mr) Kimberly Smith FCA

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