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Watch: Empowering Women in Senegal

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Ramat CissokhoInternational Women's Day celebrates women's economic, political, and social achievements. On March 8, 2013, women all around the world will be recognized for the work they do as businesswomen, mothers, caretakers, and community organizers.

These women in Senegal have a reason to celebrate—they've become more active in their communities, they're starting new businesses, and they're generating income for their families. New energy projects in Senegal are now being designed to include women in decision-making processes and leadership roles.

Watch how these projects are empowering women and making life easier for thousands of people in Senegal.

Maimouna Diene prepares a family meal at her home with a new cookstove that cuts her consumption of charcoal in half. Now she has more money to feed her nine children. Learn more about her plans for a better life:

Marietou Ndiaye is now able to pay for her children's education and other family expenses by learning how to produce clean energy. See how she does it:

Ramata Cissokho was able to start a new business and can now take care of her sick husband and children. See how she's improving her life:

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