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​It’s year-end, which is a great time to reflect on 2015 and provide a recap of some of the content that you liked the most. As we all know, social media is a two-way conversation and we enjoyed hearing from you on the issues you care about, from early childhood development to climate change to jobs. You also made your voices heard in large numbers during the Citizen Engagement MOOC Launch, Financial Services for the Poor and World Bank Group Tourism Forum World Bank Live events.

The most tweeted words on @worldbank via TweetRoot
The most tweeted words on @worldbank via TweetRoot

So a big thank you for sharing your thoughts and our content! Here are some of the posts that you engaged with the most on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  


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Three Facebook posts you liked the most

Some of the major themes that seemed to attract conversation on our Facebook account included education and climate change.

In January, we asked if you are considering a degree in economics and the institutions you thought were doing the best work in the field. At 307 likes and 110 shares, you made your voice heard.

Are you considering a degree in economics? Which are the institutions where the best work is currently taking place in the field of economics?

Posted by World Bank on Sunday, January 4, 2015

In September World Bank Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer Sri Mulyani Indrawati was in India to highlight the importance of educating girls and visited Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya school in Anoppura, a village in the Amer district of Rajasthan, India. Photos from the trip were spectacular and we are glad to see that you agreed.

Today World Bank Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer Sri Mulyani Indrawati met with girl students from the...

Posted by World Bank on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Climate change was a big topic in December. The highlight of the month was the COP21 events in Paris and related themes such as the #FiatLux St. Peter's Basilica art projection, which was a good reminder to take care of our planet.

Join the millions who will witness this historic public art projection on St. Peter's Basilica on December 8. More from The New York Times #FiatLux #OurCommonHome #COP21

Posted by World Bank on Friday, December 4, 2015

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Three tweets you found most engaging on @worldbank in 2015 
The themes that drove the most conversation on Twitter in 2015 included global development, early childhood education, and energy. 

In January, World Bank President Jim Kim met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to talk about economic strategies for the country. Our tweets about it had an impact - you showed you cared with your likes -- 763 likes and 522 retweets to be exact. That’s a lot of love!

Come August, we got to see how much you love children, especially when it comes to early development. We had a special event on the importance of early childhood development with renowned tennis champion Novak Djokovic. With 150 million children under 5 without early childhood education, this event was very popular – and your 375 likes and 505 retweets showed how much you cared.

Here’s another fact: 1.1 people globally still don’t have access to electricity. You helped us amplify this message with over 362 retweets and for this, we say thank you.

This year was particularly exciting because World Bank Group President, Jim Yong Kim joined Twitter! Take a look at his first tweet:





  Three of the most popular LinkedIn posts

  Most followers use LinkedIn for job-related information sharing, so this year many of our followers on LinkedIn engaged most with posts related to jobs.

During a recruitment drive to increase the number of Sub-Saharan Africans in our workforce, more than 400 followers liked the post and the positive response through the comments showed that many people appreciate diversity in a workplace, including Konstantinoas Milonas who called it a “great opportunity”!

LinkedIn post

Likewise, in  June, we carried out our Young Professional Program drive to get young professionals from across the world to ask us about the program in a live chat. We were encouraged to get an overwhelming response from you. Most of you had amazing replies,including Nick Bykov, one of our followers, who described the drive as an “Amazing opportunity to contribute to the global development”. 

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The other subject that you liked the most on LinkedIn was our project update post from Vietnam. Our work is about supporting development as a way to end poverty and boost shared prosperity. That’s why when we see successful projects that demonstrate a country’s effort to upgrade their infrastructure, we are happy to share it, as we did in this early 2015 post. 

LinkedIn Post

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Three of the most engaging Instagram posts

  We now know that Instagram is not all about selfies! We have been thrilled that more and more have you have joined us on Instagram this year — reaching nearly 100,000. It’s so great to see how much you like to engage with our content.

Looking at what your favorite posts were revealed that education is a popular subject. It’s no wonder that this post on education for children pulled in a whopping 852 likes!

Again, the #COP21 movement around climate change will always be remembered as one that brought humanity together to save our planet. It’s no wonder that this post about the climate-themed art projection at the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome attracted 800 likes.


During our Spring Meetings in April, we had an Action2015 event which mobilized action towards ending poverty. The star-studded event included Nigerian superstar Dbanj whose popularity around ending poverty by encouraging young people to embrace agriculture, was well illustrated in the number of likes of the event when we posted it on Instagram.


As we end the year, we know that the aspiration to end poverty by 2030 is a huge challenge. But getting the conversation started and maintaining the momentum around the discussion on the issues that trap many in poverty is a good first step. And, if you speak Spanish, French, or Arabic you can see how our multilingual followers engaged with us!

​So if you haven’t already, head on over to our FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Instagram accounts and let’s get talking! Thanks for sharing and we always love hearing from you. Keep sending your thoughts through the comments.

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