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Daniel Shemie serves as Direc... Read more »

David Ehrhardt is the Chief Executive Officer of Castalia, a consulting firm dedicated to improving infrastructure... Read more »
David Groves is codirector of the RAND Water and Climate Resilience Center, a... Read more »
David Michaud is the Practice Manager for Water in Europe, Central America and Haiti at the World Bank’s Water Global Practice. In his... Read more »
Dr. David Neal is a psychologist specializing in behavior change and human decision-making, especially in the consumer and health domains... Read more »
Dean Spears is a PhD candidate in economics at Princeton University. His research mainly focuses on children’s health in developing... Read more »
Deepti Samant Raja has worked for over twelve years on the socioeconomic inclusion of persons with disabilities and mainstreaming... Read more »
Derek Headey is a Senior Research Fellow in the Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division at the International Food Policy... Read more »
Devi is a Community Development Specialist in the World Bank’s Jakarta, Indonesia office, working as Country Coordinator for the Water... Read more »
Dianna M. Pizarro is a Senior Social Development Specialist with the Urban, Rural & Social Development Department (SURR) at The World... Read more »
Diego Rodriguez is currently a Senior Economist at the Water Global Practice of The World Bank Group. He is the task team leader of the... Read more »
Dikshya Thapa is a SociologistRead more »
Senior Economist, Water and Sanitation Program Read more »